Welcome to The Shadow Realm

man in red crew neck t-shirt and woman in blue crew neck t-shirt riding

What is the Shadow Realm?

Shadow Realm was started because of a lack of good fitting gis for women that train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. During our workouts, Alisa and I would discuss "entering the Shadow Realm", that place of darkness you reach when you have pushed yourself to the next level, a zoned out state of achievement.

Ladies of Shadow Realm

Tara Chernoff

Tara is co-founder of Shadow Realm and resident embroiderer. A newbie to the jits game, she is but a white belt, but has hopes of using her mom strength to take on the World. 

Alisa Hampton

Alisa is co-founder of Shadow Realm and resident sewist. She is a Jiu Jitsu purple belt, personal trainer, as well as a Muay Thai and Yoga instructor. She is a lot of danger in a small package.


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